Whether You're Single or In A Relationship, This Information Will Change Everything About How You Interact Sexually With Women...Forever.

I Felt Like A Castrated Chump...
Until I Discovered How To Melt Away The
"Nice Guy Curse"

Read On And Discover How To
Unleash The Primal, Sexual Beast In You...
And Co-Create Instant, Carnal Attraction With
Women That Leaves Them Feeling Both Appreciated and
Aching With Desire...Even From Across The Room.

Hey there,

Bryan from Authentic Man Program (AMP) here.

I want you to imagine something for me.

Imagine what it would be like if any woman you were sexually attracted to responded to you in a way that would tell you she was interested and turned on by you, too.

You look into her eyes and there's a softness. Her body is relaxed and tingling when she's around you. She nervously twirls her hair and giggles for no reason. When you brush your hand against hers, she leans in closer and gently folds her fingers around yours.

There's a *zing* that you feel viscerally in your gut. You feel the potential for something more to happen between you...there's an invitation from her to come closer, do more...

It feels effortless. It feels completely free and natural.

For lots of men, this isn't the typical experience you're having with women. Not even close.

So what ACTUALLY happens to you instead?

Here's the typical scenario that plays out for most men.

You're with a gorgeous woman you've just met, you feel physically and sexually drawn to her, but at the same time you begin to feel a sense of TERROR.

It's almost as if she's an electric fence you're afraid to touch or get too close to, because you might get zapped or burned.

But you can't resist...and you feel a powerful sense of craving building into an almost unbearable, deep desire. It's almost painful.

You feel it in your throat, in your legs, in the center of your body. It's an ACHE you need to relieve and the only way to relieve it is to touch that electric fence.

You take a deep breath, you build up the courage, you decide to go for it...

You take her hand.

And...it lays limp in yours.

Ever so slightly she backs away from you.... She looks away. Her body stiffens. Her reaction is so subtle and yet it feels like an immediate punch to the gut.

She doesn't want you.

You feel ashamed, embarrassed, and stupid.

Why does she have such power over you? Why do you feel so weak and ineffective around her? You hate this feeling of powerlessness around her—around ANY woman.

So you do what you always do.

You suppress your desire and you hold back. You may even tell yourself that you don't really want her.

And therefore you never get what you really want.

Oh yeah...I know all too well the frustration of not creating what I want sexually with women.

It burns.

Tell me if you've ever experienced any of these things as well...

Do you ever:

  • Feel guilty or ashamed about your sexual desire / sexuality, and want to unlock the unapologetic primal, masculine animal inside?
  • Feel frustrated about not being able to consistently create that spark of sexual attraction with women you've just met...(often ending up ignored, or placed in the "Friend Zone" at best)?
  • Long to feel the sexual spark return to your relationship?
  • Have trouble physically "escalating" with women (from talking to touching to kissing to foreplay, etc...)—and feel the burn of her disappointment when you "wuss out" from making the move?
  • Feel like a loser because you don't even show up on the "radar" of the hottest women you most want to be with?
  • Feel insecure about your "skills in bed" because the woman seems disappointed and even ANGRY after you've been sexual with her? (ESPECIALLY if she's your girlfriend or wife...)
  • Feel nervous about APPROACHING a woman because you're unsure if you can even please her, sexually?
  • Feel guilty or ashamed about your sexual desire / sexuality, and want to unlock the unapologetic primal, masculine animal inside?
  • Feel frustrated about not being able to consistently create that spark of sexual attraction with women you've just met...(often ending up ignored, or placed in the "Friend Zone" at best)?
  • Long to feel the sexual spark return to your relationship?
  • Have trouble physically "escalating" with women (from talking to touching to kissing to foreplay, etc...)—and feel the burn of her disappointment when you "wuss out" from making the move?
  • Feel like a loser because you don't even show up on the "radar" of the hottest women you most want to be with?
  • Feel insecure about your "skills in bed" because the woman seems disappointed and even ANGRY after you've been sexual with her? (ESPECIALLY if she's your girlfriend or wife...)
  • Feel nervous about APPROACHING a woman because you're unsure if you can even please her, sexually?

If you've felt some or all of these, they almost always boil down to the same fundamental challenge:

You're cut off from the very part of you that is capable of turning her ON and deeply pleasing her in every way...

Access to your Sexual Power.

And...you're not alone.

We recently did a survey and, as it turns out, accessing and acting on sexual desire is one of the TOP CHALLENGES men face in dating and relationships.

It Affects EVERY INTERACTION You Have With Women.

If you're not feeling totally "solid" in your sexual desire and sexual power...women will see it like a big NEON SIGN over your head...

  • If you're meeting her for the first time, she can sense it.
  • If you express your sexual interest by asking her out...she knows it instantly by the way you approach her.
  • And if you're already in a relationship and want to re-stoke the flames...she'll sense your desperation.
  • If you're "escalating" the interaction from talking to holding hands to kissing to foreplay...she can tell if you're feeling insecure and weak.

Your Body Doesn't Lie (And You Can't Hide It)

Women can tell, even by the sound of a man's voice, whether he's a desirable sexual partner—

Consider: There's a reason that the stereotype exists for guys who are traditionally unsuccessful with women—they're always portrayed in movies with a NASALLY voice...because in reality these guys do tend to have a great deal of shyness and shame around their sexuality.

It's not a coincidence that the men who ARE successful with women tend to have voices that are naturally settled and resonate from DEEP WITHIN THE BODY (think Barry White)...

And this isn't about just speaking in a lower register, or taking voice lessons—more "outer game" tactics that end up being a distraction and taking you away from actually being present with her (NOT a good thing).

That's like trying to fix your plumbing by painting your house! The majority of men have got it all backward!

See, the roots go DEEPER, to your very RELATIONSHIP WITH SEX ITSELF.

That's why I'm sharing this with you today...and what you're about to read here could change EVERYTHING in your life...

This happens to be a challenge that's near and dear to my heart, because this was MY big sticking point years ago.

I Might As Well Have Been Castrated...

Years ago, I was completely cut off from my sexual desire and my sexual power. I was seriously sick from the pain of being the "nice guy" who was NEVER considered to be a potential lover or sexual partner. And...

Not having the sexual connections I wanted had me feeling "needy" for sex and a lack of closeness with women...I needed the warmth, the closeness, the juicy femininity of her body. Without it, my life felt cold, disconnected, and empty.

Which, in turn, made women feel even LESS turned on around me...

It became a Downward spiral of the "poor getting poorer."

I Hit Rock Bottom...

When I met a gorgeous San Francisco ballet dancer—a woman I had been hanging out with and had fallen madly in love with.

I wanted her to see me as a sexual being, and longed to go deeper and take things further with her

Instead, after embarrassing myself by making a move on her and being rejected, she told me she loved me, but only as a friend...

And then she became my best friend Decker's lover and girlfriend...because she knew, INTUITIVELY, that he could blow her WORLD open, sexually...

Excruciatingly painful.

I KNEW that my sexual capacity was "right there," just WAITING to be unleashed...but HOW?

I studied everything I could get my hands on—Pickup, Freudian Psychology, Sexual Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, Hypnotic Patterning, NLP, Tantra, Taoist Sexual Practices, and even "Sexological Body Work"...

I spent several years sifting through endless sexual teachings. Some were interesting but useless, while other teachings were utterly ridiculous. But every now and then I'd come across something that was a life-changing concept.

In fact, I discovered that there are...

3 Ways You're "Blocking" Her Sexual Attraction to You
(And You Don't Even Realize It)

  • Physical blocks—You hold tension in your body, breathe wrong, you're unable to "hold" or enjoy feeling sexual energy without needing to "discharge" it somehow by fidgeting or twitching (which turns her off).
  • Emotional / Mental Blocks—You believe you can't do it, you assume you'll fail, you keep hearing the negative messages about sex from past girlfriends or parents/siblings/religion running through your head and it's holding you back, you're scared to try, you worry about what "others" will think of your desires (Sex is wrong, bad, dirty," etc...).
  • Interpersonal Blocks—She doesn't trust you. You don't feel a connection. She treats you like a pal or a "girlfriend" more than a man and a potential sexual partner. She doesn't display any kind of sexual tension around you—almost as if there's no gender difference.

Like most all guys, I've experienced some aspects of all 3...but lucky for me (and you) I'm the kind of guy who'll scour the entire planet for a solution to the problem, and so...

I Became OBSESSED with Getting This HANDLED.

It wasn't easy. Some of the stuff I tried made me feel pretty uncomfortable!

  • I visualized having a 10-foot schlong...
  • I bought and used pheromones, thinking, "Hey, maybe it's just a chemical thing."
  • I read books and articles about female sexuality, including the same old tips on where to find the G-spot...
  • I took testosterone supplements, thinking it would make me feel more masculine.
  • I bought expensive clothes (which only made me feel like a castrated chump in an expensive outfit).
  • I slept with women I wasn't really into, just to feel close to a woman.
  • I even considered online dating or joining some matchmaking service, but stopped when I realized, "What's the point, when I have the same crappy, humiliating experience with just about every woman I'm attracted to?!"

But slowly and steadily, over time, I did find the practices that were truly effective. I finally found what WORKED.

And I went from being sexually SHUT DOWN to now being able to tap into my primal, masculine attraction for women in such a way so that THEY feel it, too.

FINALLY, women stopped ignoring me and started relating to me as a potential LOVER instead of just a friend.

  • Within the first moments of our meeting, their eyes would light up...they would play with their hair, get nervous...and I could feel the circuit of sexual attraction between us in my body...
  • "Escalating" the interaction felt natural, not terrifying—the progression of talking...to expressing sexual interest...to holding hands to kissing to foreplay to sex...became an EFFORTLESS UNFOLDING...the obvious "next step" guided by this new access to my sexual desire and sexual power.
  • And once I was IN the relationship, I had new access to Building and Sustaining sexual attraction, as well as tools and practices to "stoke the fire" if things started cooling off.

Now that I'm finally on the "other side," and creating some of the most rewarding sexual experiences with women I could have ever imagined, I can tell you that...

It's Not Your Fault.

In our modern civilization, our sexuality has been socialized, domesticated... TAMED.

Our connection, as men...to our MASCULINE SEXUAL DESIRE...to our PRIMAL, CARNAL NATURE...has been suppressed, squashed, shut down...and so it comes out "sideways"...

In less-than-healthy ways (porn addiction, food cravings, desperate outbursts or intense withdrawals, etc.) that have both men (AND women) missing out on one of the most rewarding aspects of being human.

But YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. I'm living proof.

For the last several years I've taken the concepts I learned that finally worked for me into my private coaching practice with thousands of men and in our AMP Intensive weekend trainings...with excellent results.

"I Went From Being Terrified...to Enjoying Feeling My Turn-On With Women..."

Before working with Bryan, I was TERRIFIED of having sexual feelings around women, and DEFINITELY around women I was attracted to.

Now, I feel totally relaxed about it, and enjoy how juicy and exciting it is, for me AND for the women I have this attraction with...

My ability to create attraction with women has dramatically increased since working with Bryan...What a relief, and so rewarding to have such freedom around this area of my life!

Jerry, 28 , Developer Detroit, MI

"I had no idea how to direct my sexual desire in a healthy way—and it was driving me (and the women in my life) CRAZY—until Bryan shared with me a tool that had me feeling WAY more grounded. It's made ME more sane, and women say it's made a HUGE difference in their sexual attraction toward me..."

Casey Jeppeson, 23 , CTO, ecovalence.com

Over time, I've thrown out the tools that haven't worked, and continued refining the ones that DO work....I'm finally at the point where I want you to benefit from the full decade I've spent researching this...


from the moment of eye contact...

to the bedroom...

to a long-term relationship...

Introducing the "Authentic Sexual Power" Training Program

This comprehensive program is designed to highlight and clear away any and all blocks that prevent you from having instant erotic, mutually rewarding sexual connections with women.

And it all starts with you being in touch with your OWN sexual desire and power as a man.

In this breakthrough program, you'll discover the tools and practices to clear out the Physical, Emotional, and Interpersonal blocks to stepping confidently into your sexual power (so that women will feel it, too!)


Most teachers and facilitators won't touch some of the topics we'll be addressing with a 10-foot pole. Or else, they'll talk in the abstract, like an intellectual college professor in a lab coat...

Not us.

We're going to openly and honestly share with you the challenges we've faced, how we overcame them, and how you can, too.

If you're open to truly confronting and facing your challenges, we will meet you there—

We offer specific practices, insights, and exercises to step into your full masculine sexual power.

Plus, I've pulled together some of my BEST mentors and TOP experts in this field to deliver solid, practical tips and tools you can use IMMEDIATELY to transform yourself into...

A sexually empowered man who has women feeling exhilarated...turned-on...and maybe even a little scared about how attracted they feel!
I've pulled out all the stops...

Here's some of what we'll cover in this comprehensive program:

Video #1 Primal Freedom:
Clearing the 3 Major Blocks
To Your Sexual Power"
With Bryan

Watch this Video First—It will help you identify WHICH of the 3 arenas are creating the most blockage, so you can focus on them throughout the program.

I lay out the FUNDAMENTALS for rapidly accessing YOUR sexual desire and sexual power.

  • Accessing your primal sexual desire and expression is less about learning new stuff...and more about shedding the old stuff. Find out in this step-by-step method, what you need to let go of, and how to do it (6:42)
  • The Top 3 ways we shut down our Sexual Desire EMOTIONALLY...and how to resolve it so that your attraction can flow freely. If you don't get these handled, you'll NEVER really be able to bring out your primal desire for her in the bedroom—and she'll know (even beforehand) that she'll never be satisfied or fulfilled by you (19:45)
  • Discover how your "sexual kinks" and unique turn-ons can actually be a GIFT that infuses EXCITEMENT and EROTICISM into your sexual relationship (27:42)
  • The #1 CRITICAL STEP for accessing your "Dark Side" and generating and sustaining sexual attraction. This is your best defense against ending up in the "Friends Zone," and we'll show you how to access it for yourself (28:02)
  • How to overcome the top 3 most common INTERPERSONAL pitfalls that have us unknowingly shutting down the sexual connection in a relationship, and how to overcome them. If she's not Trusting you fully, then DEFINITELY pay attention here (28:50)
  • How to avoid endless "processing" with your partner. We'll show you how to strike the right balance between intimacy and "too much processing" (31:30)
  • Discover the "unspoken killer" of intimacy and sexual attraction in a relationship...that arises INEVITABLY over time...and how to clear it when it comes up. Just this one concept may be worth the entire program for you (34:28)
  • Ever wonder where your sex life with your girlfriend, partner, or wife went? Here's a 3-step process to find out what made it die and how to spark it back to life into a Roaring Inferno (29:42)
  • How to take responsibility for the ways in which you've screwed up with her, WITHOUT being a wuss—and, in fact, remaining fully in your power (39:45)
  • How to INSTANTLY address a woman's anger and upset...This is MASSIVELY useful when one of you is "triggered," and how you handle this will actually DEEPEN her respect and attraction for you (42:02)
  • This 30-second exercise will unleash your sexual capacity...even if you feel shame about sex. You'll be able to identify whether or not it's Shame that's getting in the way...and have clear instructions on how to "flush it out" (22:02)
  • Ever "broken trust" with a woman and watched the sexual attraction dissolve like a cube of sugar in hot tea? Here's how to repair the trust, regain her respect, and reignite the sexual spark (yes, without being a wuss) (38:02)
  • Ever feel frustrated about being on a date where it felt awkward to take it from platonic to sexual? We'll share ONE EASY practice that you can use to set the tone from the BEGINNING that clearly sends the message you're relating to her as a sexual creature (50:02)
  • Discover the relationship between living your life purpose...and having an electrifying sexual relationship (48:02)
  • Discover a powerful new practice to get IMMEDIATE access to your physical sensations and deeper Presence...Use this before going to a party, to the bar, out on a date, or to "Charge" your body before having sex... (9:02)
  • Sometimes she wants to be loved more softly, and other times she wants to be thrown up against the wall and f**ked...Learn with laser precision, how to "dial in" to the EXACT flavor of energy her body is longing for—she'll LOVE that you're able to read her desires, sometimes even before she's aware of them herself! (46:02)

Video #2 - "Mastering The
Spectrum of Intimacy:
The 3 Types of Sexual Relating"
With Mark Michael Lewis

Hear from one of the most healthy and sexually expressed men I've EVER MET. This guy is an absolute DYNAMO—he is so empowered with his sexuality, it will be ABSOLUTELY TRANSMITTED to you through this video.

It is SO RARE to experience someone fully expressed, who can bring such a unique combination of ferocity and love together (PLUS, this is one of the CORE reasons he's married AND still in the richest, most exciting relationship of his life ...)!

I get SOOO excited about what Mark says here, even after watching this for the second time...

  • Sometimes you don't want to "make love," you just want to f**k. Mark shares crucial knowledge about the KEY situation when objectifying a woman can be a HUGE turn-on for her, and how to have this be something that you BOTH enjoy (9:02)
  • The single biggest pitfall to creating a dynamic sexual interaction with women (And this is something that almost all men CHRONICALLY do!) (2:20)
  • Hear the story of how Mark went from being a subservient, fawning "pleaser"—EXCLUSIVELY focused on a woman's "wants" at the expense of his own desires—and how he moved past that to become the sexually expressed superstar he is today. This story will further empower you to unapologetically and powerfully claim what you desire for yourself (which is infinitely more attractive to women AND important in relationships) (22:02)
  • Mark's version of the "Sexual Gaze"—How to feel your fierce, "on-fire," "I want to DEVOUR you" energy, while maintaining TOTAL composure, and allowing this intensity to simply be expressed THROUGH YOUR EYES. This "restrained intensity" is a huge turn-on for women (13:47)
  • Mark breaks down the 3 key differences between f*#king, having sex, and making love. These insights will give you tremendous power and choice about what kind of experiences you want to create with a woman (6:02)
  • Feeling anxious about making sure to say the right words, with the right tone of voice, and the right body language? Mark reveals the ONE THING you need to focus your attention on that will take care of all of those things, NATURALLY! (29:40)
  • How to be FEROCIOUS, yet IN COMPOSURE with your turn-on and attraction. This perfectly calm and composed "primal force," is what makes women blush and feel giddy, without a word exchanged... (13:52)
  • Discover the single most powerful practice to access your sexual power (38:02)
  • "If a woman is closing down in one place, she's opening up in another!" Find out what Mark means by this and how her closure is ACTUALLY an INVITATION that, if recognized, can CATAPULT your ability to "stay with" her, so that you can take her to the next level of sexual depth no matter where she goes emotionally (42:38)
  • Discover the NUMBER ONE factor you must know if you want a woman to open up to you sexually. This will set you apart from the HORDES of men who'll never be privy to this intel (45:15)
  • Mark used to feel terrified of women. Discover the "Higher Purpose" NLP practice Mark used when out at the bars...that will TRANSFORM your experience with yourself, even in high-energy environments or social situations where you're feeling awkward, nervous, or uncomfortable (49:50)
  • Discover how to simply ENJOY feeling your sexual desire, without it being a burden or needing to act on it. BTW, women feel this, and when you get this down, they will be WAY MORE DRAWN TO YOU (13:47)
  • Ever feel like you don't have enough ENERGY to flirt or play with women? Here's a surefire way to be JUICED by other people and have you feel like that guy who is relaxed and super comfortable in his own skin... in any social situation (59:01)

Video #3 - "The Erotic Gaze":
Expressing Authentic
Sexual Desire
Without Words"
with Decker and Danger

Danger F. Riley AMP Woman

Danger F. Riley
AMP Woman

Accessing your sexual power begins before you even say a WORD.

Decker drops Golden BOMBS of wisdom and insight during this interview in our first on-camera appearance together since the Foundations Series.

Plus, we spontaneously decided to bring in Danger, one of our most sexually coveted AMP Women for an on-the-fly exercise with Decker, as we explore a full HOUR of "wordless attraction demonstrations" on this disc.

  • Discover EXACTLY when objectifying women can be fun—AND HOT—for both of you... (25:02)
  • Decker breaks down the 3 "gazes" every man should avoid with women. Most likely you tend to do 1 or more of these—we'll get at the roots of WHY you gaze at women in this unconscious way, and how to relax out of this tendency (16:05)
  • Discover through live demo with Danger, the "bad-boy look..." that has women feeling both excited and safe... (12:30)
  • How to send text messages so that your sexual desire is actually EMBEDDED in your message. This is a great way to turn up the heat with someone you're dating, or already in a relationship with, whenever you want (18:47)
  • Decker actually makes an adjustment in his SPINE at 28:38 which instantly shifts his level of sexual Presence with Danger. Watching this will open your eyes to the importance and POWER of body awareness with women.
  • Discover the 3 parts of your body that give you most access to your sexual desire (and how women will fully feel it from you) (29:15)
  • Decker breaks down EXACTLY where his attention goes with women, moment to moment, to create the "vortex of Presence" that he's famous for. Follow along and learn how to cultivate this level of Presence for yourself—and begin enjoying the same kinds of "near-cosmic" experiences with women that Decker does (32:02)
  • How to ethically and artfully respond to a woman's sexual resistance...which comes up often even if she WANTS to be sexual with you (36:55)
  • Discover the key to the most rewarding, mind-blowing, body-rocking sexual experiences. Hint: It involves letting go of your scripts completely...and taking hold of something else entirely... (39:02)

"After watching a half hour of the first video I couldn't stop."

"I Have To Admit That I'm Blown Away...Totally Sold On This Approach To Living."

I look back with anguish at what happened in the last 10 years of my 20 year marriage, shutting down emotionally, internalizing stress, feeling frustrated and challenged around not being able to resolve issues and just burying myself in layers of resignment. It just didn't feel like my life.

After the divorce I knew I had to get the relationships with women part of my life truly handled. When I had time from my three sons, I investigated a ton of dating and relationship information. Of all the voices out there the AMP guys caught caught my attention because their approach is so different. I figured I'd give it a try and I have to admit that I'm blown away. I'm totally sold on this approach to living.

I thought that if "Authentic Sexual Power," was as good as their "Foundations of Inner Game," series then this might just be a very good thing.

When my program arrived in the mail I began watching it right away.

After watching a half hour of the first video I couldn't stop.

I watched the first 7 videos from beginning to end. (What are the wee hours for?)

Two days later I listened to all 4 audios in one day and I've listened to them all three times over since then!

Every time I listen I learn even more. It's amazing.

Now that I understand how the attraction process works and better yet how to express it; I am connecting better with everyone, especially with women. It's already made a huge difference in my dating life.

I see this as a continual process. I am now able to see into what's going on in my personal interactions orders of magnitude beyond anything I've ever been able to do in the past. It's opening my eyes to so many things!

For me the AMP guys have scored a home run. This is going to be huge for me in achieving my big picture relationship goals. Before where I've never felt happy or satisfied with my relationships with women; for the first time I can actually see and feel my own success.

Very few people have the ability to break open and shine light on the truly significant needs for men. These guys have got it.

I finally see freedom, serenity and purpose in my future.

Thank you!

Nelson S, 49 , Industrial Sales Engineer, Atlanta, Georgia

Video #4 - "Beyond the G-Spot:
Cutting-Edge, Advanced Sexual Techniques"
with Alex Allman

Alex is a good friend of mine and a sex expert. We hit it off immediately when we first met...and 2 things about him that instantly told me that I wanted him in this program are:

  • His insatiable interest—his love for women and intense interest in sex is a wicked combination. It told me right away that this is a man from whom I could learn a lot (which proved to be VERY true)—and...
  • He "gets it"—he realizes the importance of Presence (as AMP defines it...), especially in the bedroom—and how most sexual techniques are virtually USELESS without it.

AlexAllmanHis truly effective programs deal with fundamental sexual techniques, but our interview is NOT the standard cookie-cutter "Female Orgasms 101" info that most of us have heard...

This is unique material—the "advanced stuff" that Alex rarely shares...

In fact, when you hear what Alex has to say, it can instill in you a new level of sexual confidence that will ripple out into your interactions with women, both inside the bedroom and outside.

  • The #1 sign that tells you when to tease a woman sexually, and when to STOP teasing her... (47:55)
  • Discover Alex's secret that had women consistently shrieking in the throes of ecstasy behind his closed bedroom door, had his housemates wondering, "What the Hell is he DOING with her??"...AND had nothing to do with penis size or "marathon" sexual endurance...(27:16)
  • Alex breaks down the difference between "sexual trust" and "good guy" trust, the key to a woman's sexual surrender and incredibly intense, massive orgasms... (36:30)
  • How to know when to press her up against the wall and ravish her, following your primal passion...and when to focus on more subtle, advanced approach (60:30)
  • Discover Alex's "Role of Exact Rhythm" when creating orgasms for women, and how you can actually "dial" into the best rhythm, like tuning into a radio frequency (28:08)
  • Discover how to create true moments of beautiful intimacy together, even if it's just for a one-night stand. Deep connection doesn't have to take months or years to develop—and we'll show you how to create it (17:54)
  • Her ticklish areas are actually EROGENOUS ZONES that haven't been unlocked yet. Alex will cover, STEP BY STEP, how you can actually give her an orgasm by caressing these places...(27:55)
  • Discover why "sprinting to the finish" is the WORST thing you can do when a woman is approaching orgasm...Alex will tell you exactly where you should be putting your attention instead, and how it can COMPLETELY change your sex life... (30:17)
  • Hear how Alex made peace with his "Approach Anxiety" and came to actually ENJOY those sensations. His unique perspective is effective both inside the bedroom and outside (8:42)
  • Unless you have THIS—sexual techniques are pretty much useless. Discover the difference between being a "mechanically proficient" lover and a Great Lover.... this is the key to blowing her sexual world open (14:02)
  • Discover how to give a woman an orgasm by touching the nape of her neck, her earlobe, the inside of her wrist...even the soles of her feet (32:02)
  • How to deal with a woman who's pushing you away as you approach orgasm. Once you know how to guide her, she will trust you more and more (39:51)
  • Find out how you can refine your sensitivity when it comes to touching women simply by the way you eat your breakfast. This is something you can practice throughout the day so that when you're actually in the bedroom, your sexual confidence is running STRONG (56:32)

Video #5 - "Building Your Erotic Identity"
with Destin Gerek, the 'Erotic Rockstar'

DSC_0590I debated whether to have this guy in the program—I was concerned he might "blow out" some of our more conservative followers.

But what the "Erotic Rockstar" convinced me of is the fact that this guy is TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC about who he is...AND, he's taught me a LOT about accessing my sexual desire and sexual power.

* Warning: He's a little "out there" for most people...and for that reason, I think he'll open up your mind and your world about your OWN sexual expression.


Destin will teach you:

  • A powerful exercise for clarifying what YOUR own personal sexual expression, unleashed, looks like. This is the FIRST STEP, before ANY other practices (8:22)
  • Feeling held back by "Performance Anxiety"? We'll show you simple, effective techniques from ancient sexual practices to overcome premature ejaculation, as well as erection challenges (24:02)
  • Learn to RADIATE your sexual energy when you're out on the town or with a woman...so that WOMEN can feel it and respond to it...at 32:02 This will Balance and Center you in any situation. *Note: You can practice this while driving, at work, anywhere.
  • Discover the masturbatory practice that will open up the channels in your body and help you relax while having sex. Even if you're not sexually active, the sexual confidence this creates will RIPPLE OUT into your interactions with women, whether you've just met...or been with her for YEARS (33:04)
  • Tip: Did you know that feelings of shame require muscle TIGHTNESS in order to remain in your body? By using THIS practice explained at 34:44, you'll FINALLY discover how to LET GO of the places where your body is holding onto any shame around sex once and for all. (34:44)
  • You'll learn the ancient Eastern practice for circulating sexual energy that makes full-body non-ejaculatory orgasms possible. (This is not woo-woo stuff! You can actually DIRECTLY EXPERIENCE it for yourself.) This is HUGE for having complete ejaculatory control and creating rides for women they've NEVER experienced before. (*Special note from Bryan: I've also used this practice to create orgasms for women, FULLY CLOTHED—no genital stimulation) (24:30)
  • The key mindset that will have women relating to YOU as a sexual creature, immediately. This is HUGE, if you're sick of consistently hearing the "Let's Just Be Friends" schtick... (38:40)
  • What you wear can either amplify or reduce your sexual power. Here's the simple question you can ask to determine if you're increasing it or killing it for yourself (42:50)
  • Ever felt Confronted when making eye contact? Destin shares a very simple, easy practice to become TOTALLY comfortable making eye contact at (46:45)
  • Discover how your gaze alone can MELT a woman...OR totally creep her out. It has everything to do with the DIRECTION that your awareness takes. Get this one down and women will SWOON (48:02)
  • Lots of tension gets held in our pelvis. YOU may not think this is a big deal, but this translates into "blocked sexual attraction." Most women will detect this tension in you (and instantly map it over to how they imagine you'll be in bed). Destin shares 3 key practices to release the tension in this area—*Note from Bryan: "This has made an enormous difference in my sexual capacity." (51:30)
  • Warning: The 3rd practice for opening the musculature of the pelvis is "OUT THERE"...but it WORKS! Even Destin felt confronted when he first found out about it—but don't knock this one till you've tried it... (53:45)

You'll also receive the:

Audio Recording:

The "Access Your Masculine Sexual Power" 1-Day Seminar Audio Recording
($197 value)

This is from a recent 1-time-only seminar I led in San Francisco to a sold-out crowd, for $197 per ticket.

I'd been building up my knowledge and experience of Authentic Sexual Power for almost a decade...and, in this seminar, I let it all burst forth with no stone left unturned...and the attendees LOVED it.

You'll hear a ton of excitement, laughter, down-to-the-bone guy talk and a lot of real, raw, vulnerable sexual insights that will change the way you show up with women you've just met, the women in your life, the world around you, and most importantly, with yourself.

"Huge Insights—Into Language, Breathing, and Sexual Playfulness..."

test_doug"I got Huge insights—self awareness into the way I carry myself, the language I use, even my breathing, and the message THAT conveys...were all just Amazing. I also got huge insights into how to be Playful with women, sexually..."

Doug B, 48, Writer

"I Got Clear On Blocks That Had Been Running My Life..."

test_matt"You may think that you're OK with your sexuality but you might have blocks you're not even aware of, that could be running your life.

I got clear on what some of my beliefs were around sexuality and sex...if you're looking to take your life to the next level, find out a lot about yourself, this is a great place to start."

Matt R, 27 , Utility Technician

test_michael"Solid presentation of quality work here that will probably change your life. These guys are really onto something."

Michael M, 44 , Massage Therapist
  • How to OWN your attraction and express it powerfully—without feeling obligated to do anything about it...in fact, enjoying your attraction, simply for its own sake (Track 9 4:48)
  • 95% of guys breathe wrong, SQUASHING sexual attraction. This is HUGE if women commonly view you as a "nice guy," or if you feel awkward about being direct about your attraction. (I had to retrain myself with this, but once I did, it made a world of difference with women.) (Track 10 4:59)
  • How to escape the "Friends Zone"—even after you've fallen into that category.—I've directly experienced the opposite of the mainstream opinion that "once you're there, you're stuck there," - Not True (Track 12 6:02)
  • The "Eradicator"—A brand-new way to overcome neediness and foster Wholeness. I thought I'd "handled" neediness already, only to have it come back full force. This practice REALLY helped me get to the root of the issue and clear it up once and for all (Track 13 1:34)
  • Hear my story about how I eradicated my shame about sex and why the formula I used will work for you (Track 2 0:00)
  • Discover how your past experiences "IMPRINT" and determine your sexual beliefs and interactions with women. Find out how to rapidly "re-code," so you're not reacting to events of the past. Live from a place of confidence and power, instead (Track 5 5:26)
  • Why didn't she call you back? I'll share with you the exact words I use when a woman doesn't call me back that has actually re-opened the connection with her almost every time AND in a really positive, healthy way that brings her back into the connection feeling impressed and intrigued (Track 15 0:00)
  • Ever get nervous and feel stuck in your head? Here's a way to "ground out" the energy and settle into your body, where it feels good to you and everyone around you (Track 28 6:24)
  • The "Sexual Reconnection Technique" you can use whenever things feel "off" in the bedroom to put things back on track, instantly (Track 19 2:26)
  • 3 keys to deepen intimacy during sex. Lovemaking won't ever be the same for you...or for her...and it will bring you much closer together as a couple (Track 19 4:40)
  • Discover the "Vacuum Technique"—a method for taking women on a sexual and emotional ride through the use of...anticipation (Track 22 3:20)
  • Ever hear that you need to "hide" your attraction or interest for a woman? Well, not only is it unnecessary, but it's flat out WRONG...discover at Track 20 3:02 how you CAN use this to create an artful dance between the two of you that will set you apart from the pack.
  • When to talk dirty, and when to scale it back. Also, hear why women describe dirty talk as a "Wonderland" of rewarding experiences (Track 21 0:00)
  • Hear about the "Breakfast Cereal Experience," where one of our female AMP coaches describes an erotic interaction that will blow open your WORLD about what's possible in the bedroom (Track 21 2:35)
  • Ever keep choosing the "wrong woman"? Here's a simple, straightforward way to discover if a woman is a suitable lover for you (Track 22 6:26)
  • How to artfully express your desires to her in bed...Learn this one simple key, and you'll never have to worry about making her feel awkward or "spoiling the moment" again (Track 23 1:48)
  • "Pre-Bedroom Talk 101"—How to communicate with a woman BEFORE you get into bed (hint: It may not need to be verbal...). This will dial up the turn-on TENFOLD when you ARE in bed... (Track 23 6:27)
  • How to have your woman be louder, more dynamic, and expressive in bed. She'll be grateful for how artfully you've invited out her sexual expression (Track 24 1:35)
  • A sure-fire way to detect whether your woman is enjoying the sexual experience, even if she's NOT being vocal. This tip-off will allow you to stay "in-flow" and guide the experience back to exactly where you want it without breaking the mood (Track 24 2:25)
  • You've lost attraction for her. How do you speak honestly about it? If you're not prepared for it, this can be an excruciating conversation. Learn what you need to know in advance so you don't ever have to panic, scramble, crash and burn (Track 24 4:20)
  • How to be unapologetically forthright about your sexual desire. Whether you're in a relationship or single, this is HUGE for most men. We break it all DOWN for you, at Track 26 0:00.
  • A technique you can use to "stretch" your capacity for being edgy and forthright in your sexual communication with women. Once you get this you may surprise yourself at how boldly you express yourself! (Track 26 1:18)
  • How enjoying a woman's approval can be Dangerous. Here's why, and what to focus on instead if you want to remain solid no matter what she says (Track 27 2:03)
  • How to have women feel like they're already having sex with you...simply by using your words...no gimmicks or manipulation - this is about how you are Being with her...(Track 28 6:37)
  • Afraid she's gonna cheat? If you don't take THIS element into consideration, it could easily happen. Here's how to nip it in the bud long before it ever comes up over the horizon (Track 30 2:28)
  • The 10-minute a week practice that completely transformed my sexual connection with women by refining my sensitivity and awareness (Track 31 0:11)
  • Find out the "BIG 3" "dead giveaways" that instantly tell women exactly how you'll be in bed. We'll also show you the practices that pinpoint your weak spots and make them your strengths! (Track 34 0:25)

Whew! With 5 videos and 4 audio worth of material alone, this footage will completely transform your relationship to your sexuality and with women.

However...to make the Authentic Sexual Power Program an "offer you can't refuse"...we're adding a TON of extra bonuses and additions.

Sexual Beliefs Questionnaire ($27 value)

Originally released in the Power of Integrity program, this questionnaire will help you discover and eradicate your limiting beliefs about sex. (This is HUGE. Limiting beliefs are the "Gremlins" of personal development. They can run—and ruin—your life if you don't get them handled)

This survey is specially designed to give you MORE ACCESS to your sexual expression. It's INTENSELY PERSONAL and requires you to take an honest look at your relationship to sex and desire.

If it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, that's actually a REALLY GOOD SIGN, because it means it's highlighting a major "sticking point" for you, which creates the opportunity to overcome that sticking point. Remember, awareness = choice!

In completing the questionnaire, you'll:

  • Discover how you may be "clamping off" from your sexual desire in your body, and how to open those channels back up.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs (conscious and unconscious) about sex that may be creating guilt and shame. Look, if you're not aware of these things, then they OWN you, and KILL your ability to have a rewarding sexual connections.
  • Clear away shame and guilt around sex, so that you can unapologetically bring your desire (and hence that electric "spark") into your connections with women.

...And it's yours, free, with the Authentic Sexual Power program.

Audio and Complete Transcripts Included, FREE!

We want you to be able to see, hear and READ this material...whichever format works best for you. That's why we're including both the audio and printed format...

  • "On The Go" MP3 Audio pack (Available for Immediate Download) ($67 value)
  • Complete Transcripts With Illustrations—If you prefer to read and quickly scan instead of watching or listening...then you'll love that we've transcribed EVERYTHING. (Available for Immediate Download, minus the "Stroking Videos"—you need to watch those in person to get the value...) ($67 value)

"The Integrator"
Sexual Power Embodiment Workbook
by Bryan ($67 value)

This illustrated document is a "greatest hits" compilation of the exercises and practices from all 12 discs (including some practices that aren’t in the program), along with a step-by-step structure for you to:

  • Pick the practices that resonate for you
  • Plug them into the spreadsheet, and
  • Track your progress month to month

This may be the single most valuable part of the program, since INTEGRATING these discoveries into your life is where the rubber hits the road.

I'm still putting the finishing touches on it, (should be finished around the 20th of June) and it’s yours when you order Authentic Sexual Power.

"Radical Sexual Freedom"
with Reid Mihalko
($47 value)

Meet Reid.

Reid is a sex educator for other sex educators.

He's schooled me, 1-on-1 around the "Energetics of Sex", and is an EXPERT in this arena...

His preferred lovers are actually......lesbians? WTF??

And he's the founder of workshops, everything from starting the world-famous "Cuddle Parties"...to "Negotiating Successful Threesomes"

Man, this should have been one of the original interviews in the sexual power program, but we weren't able to film it in time, so I'm including it as a bonus, here.

You'll discover:

In one of my most COLORFUL and powerful interviews, we cover some "out there" yet extremely practical, applicable topics, including:

  • The healing power of sex parties -- (you may not attend one, but what you hear here will make a difference in how you feel about sex)
  • Why Reid proudly considers himself to be a "slut" (just listening to his perspectives will help you highlight and eradicate shame/judgments about what's acceptable for YOU)
  • Why Reid prefers lesbians as lovers (I was INTRIGUED by his answer...and, again, will create freedom for you inside, just by listening to him)
  • Why porn is like trying to learn driving by watching "The Fast and The Furious"
  • How the skills that you use in multiple relationships and orgies translate to relating with a single women, who you've just met or known for decades
  • How to deal with those "awkward moments" that inevitably arise with women, from the "cold approach" to asking for what you want in bed...
  • Does using the words "cock", "pussy" or "fuck" make you feel uncomfortable? If so, you DEFINITELY need to listen to this...Reid will show you how to gradually increase your comfort level with being explicit about what you want (which is a HUGE turn-on for women!)
  • Reid shows "baby steps" for rapidly making progress to being TOTALLY liberated and EMPOWERED around your sexuality. Very practical!

All this and MUCH MORE in this very practical, lively interview (with audio download)...

And it's FREE with your copy of Authentic Sexual Power!

"The Energetics of Sex"
by Bryan ($67 value)

I've been having some downright COSMIC sexual experiences with women...so I did an evening seminar on the topic. I debated whether to include this, because it's ADVANCED STUFF, and I'm still discovering it for myself. However, the feedback I've gotten is that you learn a lot from me sharing the details of my journey, so...

Here's a slice of what you'll get in this hour-long video:

  • I've been having some downright COSMIC sexual experiences with women...so I did an evening seminar on the topic. I debated whether to include this, because it's ADVANCED STUFF, and I'm still discovering it for myself. However, the feedback I've gotten is that you learn a lot from me sharing the details of my journey, so... Here's a slice of what you'll get in this hour-long video:
  • Create damn-near COSMIC experiences with women by directing sexual energy through different channels of a woman’s body. You can do this fully clothed…even with a friend (42:37)
  • Turn your body into a tuning fork to literally “attune” yourself to what she’s feeling -- so that you both resonate inincreasing sexual intensity. This will open up new depths of trust, connection and surrender with her when you’re this “dialed in”. 21:15
  • Discover “pressure play” -- how a heavy or a light physical pressure can spread sexual energy through a woman’s body in subtle but intense ways that will give most women a experience unlike she has had before. You’ll learn when to do each at 25:25
  • Ever felt the pain of a woman’s body closing off to you? Learn to see the cues that let you know when you’re pushing her away without even realizing and turn it all around so instead her body opens and wants you to come closer at 34:20
  • The 7 elements of telling the perfect joke directly map over into the nuances of being an exceptional lover. This may not make you funnier, but women will FEEL your “finger on the pulse of the moment” both in the bedroom and out (29:35)
  • Discover a 30-second exercise to build an actual electric charge in your body that you can instantly feel, move, play with and consciously direct. Get the scoop on how this all transitions into amazing sex at 11:05

This is "Brown-Belt / Black Belt" stuff (I'm just barely beginning to understand it myself), but the principles that I cover in this video are applicable to WHATEVER level you're at...and it's yours IMMEDIATELY when you order Authentic Sexual Power..

"Sexual Confidence" ($47 value)

Alex covers both Technique AND Principles -- and both are critical.

While most of Alex’s Sexual Mastery system is devoted to HER body and HER pleasure, this second audio in the series is devoted entirely to YOU and how to transform yourself into the kind of powerful, comfortably masculine, sexually confident man that she dreams about.

Listen as Alex discloses how to CHEAT-PROOF your relationshiphave her fantasizing about you when you’re not around; release sexual anxiety, fear of embarrassment once and for all, and much more…

What You Get

  • Digital Video: Masculine Freedom: Clearing the 3 Major Blocks To Your Sexual Power – with Bryan
  • Digital Video: The Erotic Gaze: Expressing Authentic Sexual Desire Without Words – With Decker & Danger
  • Digital Video: Mastering The Spectrum of Intimacy: The 3 Types of Sexual Relating – With Mark Lewis
  • Digital Video: Beyond the G-Spot: Cutting-Edge, Advanced Sexual Techniques – With Alex Allman
  • Digital Video: Building Your Erotic Identity– With Destin Gerek, "Erotic Rockstar"
  • Audio: "Access Your Masculine Sexual Power & Desire" Audio Program (4 Discs)


  • Bonus #1: Sexual Beliefs Questionnaire (PDF download)
  • Bonus #2: COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS With Illustrations...
  • Bonus #3: "The Integrator" Sexual Power Embodiment Workbook by Bryan (PDF download)
  • Bonus #4: "Radical Sexual Freedom" with Reid Mihalko (Online Video)
  • Bonus #5: "The Energetics of Sex" by Bryan (Online Video)
  • Bonus #6: "Sexual Confidence" from the Sexual Mastery Series by Alex Allman (MP3 download)
  • Bonus #7 & #8 (mystery bonuses, you'll find out when you order...)

test_michaelm2"Simple, Yet Cutting-Edge, Jedi-Level Stuff Covering the Hottest Recent Discoveries in Sex...Turning Orgasms into an ART FORM."

Authentic Sexual Power helped me discover new realms of what's possible in sex.

It's about energy, embodiment, connection, and polarity (men being men, women being women). And there really is no limit.

An absolute highlight for me is the stroking practice. In some ways it is the simplest thing imaginable, but the sexual energy that it unleashes blows away what most people think is possible in orgasm.

There's no struggling to bring 'up' the energy; instead it's a matter of how much can you handle.

Orgasm is no longer a 'goal', it's an art form.

So yeah, this is cutting-edge, Jedi-level stuff, the most authoritative collection I've seen of the hottest discoveries in sex over the last couple years.

Michael M, 32, Actor

Let me ask you a question:

What's it worth to you to have a sexually charged, erotic connection with your woman?

It took me almost a DECADE and countless hours of dedicated study and practices to figure this out on my own...and I want YOU to benefit from the discoveries I've had that have already empowered thousands of men in our courses and in my private coaching practice.

How important is it for you to be respected by women as the empowered, unapologetically sexual man that you are?

What is it WORTH to you to have the woman (or women) in your life respond to you with attraction, interest, and desire?

Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? Can you even put a price tag on it?

I'm not going to charge you thousands for this.

Not even close.

I don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way...

Including your financial situation.

So, I'm giving ALL of this to you for $335! (or, you can break it up into 3 payments.)

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

Get Access Now!

OK, This Is A SWEET Offer But...
How Do I Know If This Program Is for Me?

If you (or some part of you) "resonates" with ANY of these statements...

  • If I express my sexual desire and it's not received, I'll feel like a loser
  • Women don't like to be looked at with desire
  • It's not OK for me to be sexually aggressive
  • If I'm honest about what I want sexually, I'll be shamed or ridiculed about it
  • If I'm unapologetically sexual, certain people in my life won't like it/like me
  • If I have sex, I'm obligated to her / to be her boyfriend...

...then you stand to powerfully benefit from this program.

We'll help to "clean the slate" on your old conditioning, and rewrite new, healthier, more consciously chosen patterns of relating that will have women LONGING to connect with you emotionally, physically, sexually...

test_greg"AMP Saved My 9-Year Marriage (with 3 Kids)"

Before watching the AMP video programs, I just didn't understand what was going on in my marriage...my wife is a fiery woman, and there just seemed to be a lot a tension between us all the time."

AMP taught me how to be Present and stand powerfully in the face of her emotions...a HUGE improvement in my marriage -- a Big Deal.

She doesn't really know what the source of my change is, but she said, "I've seen the change in you, and it's GREAT!"

I feel more comfortable in my own skin,more confident in what I say, my eye contact is stronger and has a POWER behind it now....

Embodying the principles of AMP has given me more energy and made me a more attractive, solid person...a HUGE part of our journey of coming back together...Thank you!

Greg Y, 37, Director of Marketing

As I mentioned before, the ROOTS of the sexual-access challenges that I faced as a single man also created deep and painful challenges in my intimate relationships...and this program addresses them FULLY.

Especially if:

  • You're having trouble asking for what you want, this program will help you "own your desire" unapologetically, vulnerably, and powerfully—and she'll RESPOND to this.
  • If the sexual spark has gone out, I've personally used the "stroking practice" as an AWESOME way to "re-kindle" the flames of erotic excitement...and even if she wasn't in the mood for intercourse, she NEVER turned down this practice with me...and afterward, usually DID want to have sex...!

Bottom line, this program is EXCELLENT for men who are in a relationship, and your woman will be forever grateful to you for what you learn here.

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

Get Access Now!

What Can I Expect After Completing This Program?

At the end of this comprehensive training program, you'll be armed to the teeth with natural, authentic, and intensely powerful practices to help you...

  • Tap into your own PERSONAL flavor of dark, ravishing, "bad boy" primal sexual desire.
  • Discover and eradicate your limiting beliefs about sex (this is HUGE—In case you're new to personal development work, limiting beliefs can OVERTAKE YOUR LIFE if you don't get them handled).
  • How to bring together both your sexual appetite and your heart (this will have her wet with desire AND feeling honored as a person).
  • Discover how to simply ENJOY feeling your sexual desire, without it being a burden or needing to act on it.
  • Escalate your physical interactions with women without worrying about the pain of rejection.
  • Eliminate, once and for all,those dreaded words, "Let's Just Be Friends"
  • Create the sexual spark with women that will leave them wanting more!

And, of course, our AMP Money Back Guarantee...


'You'll Be Blown Away' 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so convinced this program will profoundly increase your success at relating with women that I want you to test drive the program for 30 days.

Bluntly, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, or even no reason at all, just send it back to us and you will be granted a full no-hassle, no questions asked refund.

Simply put… If you aren’t happy, we don’t want your money!


So...with this Authentic Sexual Power Program there's no risk—only reward. The next step is to take action and order now:

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

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Do You Want MORE In Your Relationships With Women?

If you're reading this right now, then there probably is something you're wanting that you're not currently getting. And if that desire has ANYTHING to do with sex, then you should definitely take me up on my offer and test drive this program.

Essentially, this program is exactly what you'd expect from AMP. We stake our reputation on drilling into the most vulnerable, raw, real and, yes, authentic truths that no one else is willing to touch...that actually GET RESULTS.

And, we do it with a lot of heartfelt laughter, male camaraderie and deep love for women.

Now It's Up To You

OK, my friend...it really is all up to you from here. I've taken you as far as I can and given you as much as I possibly can without driving to your house and putting it in your hands.

Check in with your gut. If it RESONATES for you that this is the time to finally get it all handled, then this is the program for you. Here's the next step:

Click on the button below to order this program RIGHT NOW:

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

Get Access Now!

It will take you to a page that prompts you for your credit card information—our process is safe, fast and 100% secure...far more secure than using a credit card when you go out to eat.

If you have questions and want to speak with a live person, you can reach us weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm Mountain Standard Time at:

(303) 834-7784

Or drop a message with the "Help" box in the bottom right corner of this page.

A lot of people miss the greatest opportunities because they don't actually believe that the very thing they've always been looking for has really...finally...shown up.

Make the resolution that THIS WILL BE THE SUMMER where you REALLY take the lid off yourself, your unapologetic sexual desire, and your personal power.

Take the risk-free opportunity to find out for yourself by taking action right now.

The women in your life will thank you for it!

To your success and fulfillment with women,







P.S. I cannot tell you how many women have thanked us in advance for creating this program. Women are starving for men to step into their sexual power. Just by ordering now you are part of a new generation of men that women have been waiting a long time for.

Testimonials about AMP And the Sexual Power Program

Rich C Rich C, Computer Scientist

"The material is fantastic! Thanks."

I'm already having more success with women by trying on some of the ideas from Decker, Mark Lewis, and others. The NLP stuff is interesting. The sexual confidence stuff was really helpful -- sex is already better. I just sent out an email to a lady and her response is as follows.

Keep in mind that I just did the Mark Lewis "stay with her where she is, without losing yourself" thing. Who I am is someone who loves to talk, but being present and appreciative of her was the key. Also note that the email I was replying to was kind of angry and accusatory.

"WOOOOWWW!!! Rich!
I LOOOOVE your emails!
I read your emails at work the last couple of days and I hope no one saw the expression on my face when reading them, (you may use your imagination if wondering what I looked like). So, yes, I would like to meet. How could I not?"

Lance, 47 Lance, 47, Corporate Sales

"After these Exercises, My Communication With Women Was ALTERED."

I learned some exercises to really be in my body, physically, and to let the energy flow when I did communicate with women; it was huge.
These guys have high integrity, presence, humor, they care about people, and there's a lot of dynamic information that you can apply in your life.

It really teaches you how to be real, and how to be authentic in the way that you are communicating with others."

Tim J, 33 Tim J, 33, Software Designer

"I Just Feel Lighter Now"

Already I have a lot of fantastic interactions with women, but the issue has been when I get stuck, I don't seem to have any control. After this program, I just feel lighter now about those places...

I was impressed—Bryan was so dynamic and the AMP women gave people so much!

If you're curious about not just polishing yourself up but what's going on inside you... dude, just get this program."

Jonathon, 48 Jonathon, 48, Yoga Instructor

"It was a valuable experience on a couple of levels"

Hearing all the other guys going through this process and opening up was really great.

Do it. Check out this program. You'll get something out of it."

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

Get Access Now!

Case Study: Meet Eric

Alan, 49, Software Analyst

"Meeting Women and Creating Attraction Is No Longer an Issue Anymore"

Since I've discovered AMP, meeting women and creating attraction is no longer an issue anymore. I definitely have much more of a sense of myself—more relaxed and present. I'm more comfortable knowing how to create and enjoy attraction, and have fun doing it.


John B, 49, Life Coach

test_john"If you want to just live your life and not face your edge, I wouldn't recommend this. If you're interested in growing and evolving and becoming a deeper and wider and cooler man, then I highly recommend the program—this is a great opportunity."

Antonio, 39, Sculptor

test_antonio"This program will bring up stuff for you that you didn't want to confront, and that's exactly where the juice is. It focuses on men relating to women sexually—one of the biggest challenges for men, including me!"

Trevor, 31, Musician

test_trevor"I Can Now See A More Effective, Authentic, Simpler Way"

For a few years I've had the belief that it's important to project the image of being an alpha man, and now I can see a more effective, authentic, simpler way.

This was well worth the money; and it's unlike any other program that I know of that's designed to help men with dating and sex."

Dan B, 25, Video Editor

test_danb"Since Authentic Sexual Power I feel way more confident about sex."

When I first started hearing about AMP I thought it was going to be like the pickup artist stuff that we are constantly bombarded with on the internet and TV.

But when I first started watching the actual videos I began to realize that what AMP was teaching applied to everything in a man's life, not just how to pick up girls at a bar. The focus of this work is on you as a man, as a human being, instead of just what you should say or do with a woman.

This last product is like an expansion of the Foundations of Inner Game, which was an eye opening program that felt real and 'authentic'; unlike all the other shit that's on the internet.

Since Authentic Sexual Power I feel way more comfortable even just talking about sex.

It's opened my eyes to ideas I had never considered and had me realize aspects about myself I hadn't seen. It made me feel more confident as a lover, andmore comfortable in regards to my sexuality.

I learned a lot from the video interviews and just listening to their stories of what they had created with women totally changed my concept of what was possible.

I'm seeing the potential of so much more depth and pleasure in my experiences with women now.

No matter how experienced in the bedroom you are, whether you consider yourself a Lothario, or maybe you're even a virgin, this product will expose you to to things you wouldn't even know were out there.

It changed my point of view from "Ooooh, I'd like to have sex with her" to"I can have sex with her… and I probably will."

Michael, 52, College Professor

"I can only imagine if I had access to this kind of stuff when I was in my 20’s. I’d be dangerous!"

Just listening to the audio portion of the program was like getting a direct energy transmission. I could actually feel the channels inside of me opening up. It’s only been a short time and already women are lighting up and just glowing around me. I haven’t had experiences like this since I was in college!

In fact it’s been happening all over the place now, so something is clearly going very right. I’ve also done some of the practices in the “integrator” and it’s been helping to rapidly integrate these new learnings.

I can easily see how this program can open up the possibility for men to have full energetic exchanges with women that could otherwise take years and years (if ever) to develop. The way this multi facet approach is laid out it can all happen very rapidly for men.

This program has the potential to open up possibilities of sexual experiences that will blow a man’s mind, break through what culture says is possible and completely change what you believe is attainable for you in sex.

I think you guys at AMP are doing terrific, ground-breaking work. This program is a service to humanity.

...and all the included bonus items in a private online platform.

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